Growing a Bigger & Better Tomato: The Trench Method

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Growing Bigger and Better Tomatoes

Each year thousands of us get in our cars and head down to the local garden center or big box store in search of that perfect tomato plant. It is, after all, the number one vegetable planted in America. Growing tomatoes is something we think we already know everything about, but what if there were a method that produced even better results?

Forget about planting that tiny little root ball and trench plant that tomato instead. Trench planting involves dig a trench about 6 inches deep, adding a tablespoon of super phosphate to the soil (well mixed), and laying the whole plant in the ground with only the very top of the plant exposed to the sunlight.

Look closely at a tomato plant. Notice all the hairs on the stem? By burying the majority of the stem of the plant those hairs will literally turn into roots! In effect, you are doubling if not quadrupling your root system. A stronger, larger root system means better plants and more tomatoes! ONLY use this planting method with tomatoes. Doing this with other crops may kill them. 

Planting Tomatoes in Trenches-Diagram

Drop me an email if you have further questions about trench-planting, and then follow up–I’d love to hear how this method works out for you.