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Polk County 4-H and Youth Foundation

Polk County 4-H & Youth Foundation 

In 1964 a group of foresighted citizens had a vision for a new county-owned 4-H Center.  Their belief was that Polk County children needed a place to meet for 4-H programming.  Their efforts resulted in the purchase of a 7 acre facility in the heart of Columbus. 

One of the outcomes of their dreams was a county 4-H foundation.  Polk County was the first county in North Carolina, and perhaps the nation, to have a county-based 4-H foundation.

Today the Polk County 4-H Center is located at 135 Locust Street, Columbus.  It is used for a variety of  4-H activities as well as for Extension Service events.

Below is a photo of the Culberson Building where most of community programs occur.  It is named in honor of Paul E. Culberson, County Extension Director at the time of the purchase.

4-H Culberson Building

4-H Foundation Directors

The Polk County 4-H Center and the 4-H Foundation are led by a nine- member board of directors.  These folks are community residents who help oversee the care and maintenance of the facilities.   In addition to making decisions concerning the property, the directors aid in raising funds to keep the property well maintained.

Dick Murphy




“I have found working with our local Extension Service staff and our 4-H Program to be very rewarding,” said Dick Murphy, former Polk 4-H Foundation President.  “Knowing that we are helping young people develop into responsible citizens makes all the work and effort worth while.”

Would you like to help?

Thanks to the generosity of donors such as Pauline Bennett, the Polk County 4-H property has been maintained for over 40 years with private monies.  Today the directors maintain a special endowment for the purpose of keeping the facilities in excellent working order. 

club house 

If you would like to learn more about how you might help, please contact Helen Clark, 4-H Program Assistant for Polk County.

 A Forty-Four Year Tradition

Since 1966 Polk County 4-H has had an annual fall 4-H BBQ supper.  This forty-four year tradition has become a popular activity for citizens young and old each autumn.  In addition, the 4-H Program has offered a spring BBQ supper for since the mid-1980’s. Both suppers offer chicken slow cooked the old-fashioned way, over charcoal with our “special” BBQ sauce.  We also offer oven-roasted beef with all the fixin’s and homemade desserts.

Don’t miss this our spring and fall BBQ suppers!  Look in the local newspapers for dates and details.  Tickets are available through the Extension Center, call 828-894-8218.

dining hall