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About Our Agriculture and Forestry Programs

About Our Agriculture and Forestry Programs

Polk County has a diverse agricultural industry made up of small family farms. The value to the local economy is over $10 million dollars each year.

Agriculture is like many other forms of business, it is in a state of change. Some of our traditional crops such as apples are decreasing in acreage while new promising commodities like winegrapes are on the increase. Polk County currently has 11 commercial vineyards primarily in the Green Creek Township.

In addition to individuals who farm for a portion or all of their income, Polk County has a high number of recreational farmers primarily due to its high number of horse farms. In February 2003 Polk County Government estimated there were 300 horse farms.

The following commodities are being raised in Polk County: milk, beef cattle, pastured poultry, goats, sheep, honey, apples, vegetables, strawberries, hydroponic herbs, commercial sprouts, wine grapes, greenhouse flowers, turfgrass (sod) and ornamental trees and shrubs.

Polk County’s agricultural operations are varied and small. Many of our smaller farming operations help preserve the rural character of the county.

Polk County’s Agricultural Agents

Ethan Henderson
All Livestock, Field Crops, and Forages.

John Vining
Fruits, Vegetables, Ornamental Plants, Forestry, Field Crops and Home Gardens

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