4-H: On the Hunt for Local Agriculture

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Although this Summer was more than a little unusual for Polk County 4-H, some things stayed the same. The focus was still on hands-on learning, and youth still had the opportunity to discover how important agriculture is to their daily lives.

Joshua Cannon - 4-H Ag Scavenger Hunt

Polk County 4-H member Joshua Cannon took part in the Summer Agriculture Scavenger Hunt

The challenge this year was coming up with creative ways to teach important life skills to youth ages 5-18 while remaining socially distant. Two different month-long programs were offered via Zoom: a babysitting class and a kid-friendly health and nutrition course.

But another exciting option that 4-Hers had this summer was to take part in a county-wide Agriculture Scavenger Hunt. All participants were given a checklist of agriculture-related items to find, along with important facts about the ways those animals, plants, buildings, and equipment contribute to the agricultural economy of North Carolina.

To document their findings, each 4-H member taking part in the hunt brought along a 4-leaf clover they designed and took a picture of their clover with each of the items from the checklist. Families uploaded the pictures to a shared online bulletin board so that students could view not only their own pictures, but those of their 4-H peers.

Eight Polk County 4-H members completed the entire challenge and located every agricultural item on the checklist : Katelyn Ruff, Taylor Deel, Connor Carnahan, Rebecca Cannon, Joshua Cannon, Jacob Cannon, Kendall Taylor and Evan Taylor. These students will each receive a prize for their efforts, but the biggest reward is that of recognizing how agriculture affects their everyday lives in ways they may not have even realized.